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Not just good. Good for you.

Our salad mixes are wholesome and hearty, but they’re also nourishing—crafted from thoughtful, organic ingredients that add nutritional value, like the added antioxidants and Vitamin C of dried currants. Amino acids, like Omega 3, and protein from crunchy hempseeds. Parsley for heart and digestive health. Every ingredient we choose has a purpose, and that’s to make your life more enriched with each delicious bite.

We hope our family tradition becomes oneof your own.

One of my fondest memories of growing up in my family home just outside of Nashville was when my brother and I were called in from playing outside to find our mom’s homemade chicken salad waiting for us on the table. All these years later, she still makes it whenever we’re together. And it always tastes like home. Her mixes have stood the test of time mostly because they’re delicious. Practically everyone who’s ever tried them asks her to share her recipes. But they’re also really good for you. My mom pours her heart into her cooking, and with Seconds, we make it easier than ever for you to pass on the goodness to the special people in your life.

Step 1: enjoy. Step 2: repeat.

Grab a pack, mix it up, and enjoy it as is, or whip up a batch that’s all your own.

It’s all about connections.

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